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How to stop masturbation addiction

Dear Friend,


If you are battling with chronic masturbation, here is probably a picture of your unending circle:


how to stop masturbation

Frequent masturbation is a strong addiction an overwhelming brain disease that can take over your life, and it’s so powerful that it uses you.


Most people addicted to it can’t stand the shame of making it public. No matter how much they are fighting to quit, they rarely talk about it or seek for help. 


Certain complications that will hit you in few years to come are connected to your current lifestyle. Some bad habits and addiction have the capacity to negatively influence the quality of your health overtime  masturbation is one them.


Take For Instance:

 According to research, men in their 20’s, 30’s and 40 who frequently masturbated five times(5X) a week or more has been linked to an increased cause of prostate cancer, while the same amount of masturbation done by men in their 50’s reduced the risk of prostate cancer.

And That’s Not All But Wait…

You never knew you’ve been addicted until you tried to stop!

  • Currently, you masturbate multiple times in a week.
  • At first, you thought you could wake up one morning and quit this addiction easily…
  • But you’ve struggled to stop for months, perhaps years.
  • In fact, you’ve had several relapses– you tried stopping it, experienced success but went back to masturbating again after days, weeks or months.
  • You’ve literally lost count of how many times you’ve battled with the guilt and self-disappointment that comes with it.
  • When it comes to masturbation, you feel practically helpless because you are almost not in control again.
  •  Right now, you are just wondering what to do to quit masturbation, porn and perhaps any other chronic addiction permanently.

If any of the things I mentioned above resonates with you or defines your current reality…

 Can I Be Frank With You?

 You are not in this battle alone!

The IrishTimes conducted a sex survey and here’s what they found out:

 almost half of the sexually active men who responded to the survey do masturbate more than once a week, compared with a quarter of women.

In Fact…

There is a private addiction or struggle everyone is fighting but will rather be silent about it than share it with a third party–masturbation is one of it.

I struggled with it too–for three years – from 2004 to 2007; and I still remember how it all started:


It began like every other day, yet on this day my life took a dimension, a slide towards a habitual social vice.


Since then, it has become a reference point in my life considering how a day action evolved into chains of toxic habitual patterns. From that first point of indulgence, I continued well over three years non-stop.


I went from masturbating a few times in three months to an average of four times per week, thereby peaking in my masturbation graph.


By the time I decided to stop, my situation has evolved into an infectious chronic habit, and the consequences were breathing down my neck non-stop.

It was that Bad!

I battled with depression, moody situations, and muscle loss.

Countless times, I literally broke down because I drained myself.

My strength and stamina went low.

I noticed I was beginning to look older than my age. 

At one point, I felt lost and couldn’t find myself.

To break free from the shackles of this strong addition, I tried some ideas below:

  • Different New Year resolutions to stop masturbation but they expired in days as I got beaten again.

  • Exercising more often so I could feel more relaxed and happier, hence reduce the urge to masturbate often.

  • Spending more time with other people to avoid being lonely and masturbating.

  • Prayed for strength to quit.

But None Of Those Ideas Gave Me Complete Freedom!

…Until I adopted this classic–a pragmatic guide that moved me from masturbation to freedom.

And It Worked For

 Others Too!

Hundreds of men and women whom I have shared this practical solution with literally found freedom from masturbation as well.

It’s shocking how this addiction breaker works and you can call it a realistic guide on steps towards emancipation.

But not just masturbation alone, it works for any strong addiction such as pornography, drugs, smoking and any chronic habit you have struggled to quit for years.

I Don’t Wish You Further Bondage And Damage

…but it all depends on you!

  • If you have felt chained or in bondage for years.

  • If you have struggled with your conscience for so long

  • If you’ve desired a masturbation free life which I think you do

  • If you are tired of ending your fasting and prayers with masturbation

  • If you have done all you can within your power to stop this chronic addiction but couldn’t…

Just Hold On A Bit

Let me show you in few seconds, this end-of-addiction practical solution that will change your life forever.

How To Stop Masturbation by Charles Njoku

HOW TO STOP MASTURBATION PERMANENTLY is a duo– eBook and a mobile app.


The Book

It dissects this chronic addiction into layers so you get to understand what is really happening to you and why you often get defeated trying to quit.

With this in-depth understanding, the power comes to you–to tweak and change the narrative by following the liberation pathway in this book.

 The APP

This mobile app was designed with your addiction in mind– to help you discover your most defeating causes and empower you to tackle them faster. It helps you track your quitting progress daily; and shows you the full analytics of your growth.


The combination of this book and app is arguably the last liberation tool you’ll ever need to break free from chronic masturbation and other damaging addiction you are currently battling with.



How Long Does It Take To See Result? 


How long it will take you to break free from chronic masturbation and develop a new habit using this material is totally dependent on you. If you need your liberation so fast, be proactive with every instruction in this book.



Ideally, it takes more than 2 months on average, before a new behavior becomes a core part of your everyday life — 66 days to be exact. And it takes anywhere from 18 days to quit masturbation using this material.

Liberation testimonies Like this from users of this material often get me emotional:

How to stop masturbation




If this Ebook and app did not help your addiction struggle, we will refund you 100% of your money.


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